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Hardik Patel


Mr. Hardik Patel serves as the founding partner of Panthera BioSolutions, LLC, where he brings to bear over 15 years of distinguished experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated a propensity for effective leadership and the successful execution of diverse responsibilities.

Hardik holds a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Kansas, an educational foundation that has been augmented by a career dedicated to engineering and project management. His career trajectory has allowed him to gain firsthand experience across the spectrum of industry facets, ranging from research and development to clinical project management, manufacturing operations, and commercial product and process validation.

Hardik’s diverse background, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability, enables him to provide expert guidance in operations leadership, sales management, strategy formulation, and innovation. This proficiency translates into the ability to optimize projects of varying scope, complexity, and duration for exceptional outcomes.

Additionally, Mr. Patel is the founder of Premier Validation Services, LLC, a highly successful validation consulting firm that specializes in delivering quality validation services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Through this endeavor, he has amassed valuable knowledge and expertise in critical areas such as:

  • Quality Systems Evaluation and Remediation
  • GMP Compliance Auditing
  • Commissioning and Qualification of Facilities, Process Equipment, and Utilities
  • GAP Analysis and Remediation
  • Program and Project Management
  • Process, Cleaning, Steam/Dry Heat Sterilization, and Packaging Validation.


The breadth of his skills, knowledge, and industry acumen, along with a demonstrated aptitude for entrepreneurial success, make Hardik a valuable partner at Panthera BioSolutions. These attributes are perfectly aligned with Panthera’s mission, which revolves around the provision of high-quality pharmaceutical solutions, underpinned by agility, a steadfast commitment to manufacturing integrity, and the cultivation of a culture rooted in responsibility and respect.

As a native of a developing country, Kenya in East Africa, Hardik is animated by a profound passion for learning and innovation. His vision extends to empowering and educating those in need, fostering their skill development for personal advancement. This noble aspiration dovetails harmoniously with Panthera’s overarching vision of providing innovative solutions to its partners, thereby enhancing its operational footprint.

In his leisure moments, Mr. Patel finds relaxation in playing golf and embarking on vacations with his family, whom he regards as the cornerstone of his personal and professional accomplishments.

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