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Metrology & Maintenance

Metrology and maintenance play crucial roles in ensuring the quality, reliability, and compliance of equipment and instruments used in the pharmaceutical industry. Panthera will offer calibration, preventative and corrective maintenance services

Calibration is the process of comparing the measurements of a device or instrument to a known standard to ensure accuracy and reliability. In the pharmaceutical industry, equipment used for manufacturing, testing, and monitoring processes, such as temperature gauges, scales, pH meters, and analytical instruments, should undergo regular calibration to maintain traceability and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Preventive maintenance involves regular inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of equipment to prevent breakdowns, ensure optimal performance, and extend equipment lifespan. Manufacturers often provide maintenance schedules and guidelines for their equipment, which should be followed to maintain reliability and compliance.

Corrective maintenance involves addressing equipment failures or malfunctions. When an issue is identified, it should be reported, investigated, and resolved promptly to minimize downtime and prevent compromising product quality or safety.

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