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RTU GMP Flex Space

Rentable ready-to-use GMP flex spaces offer a convenient and compliant solution for pharmaceutical companies seeking flexible and fully equipped environments for their manufacturing or laboratory needs. They provide a streamlined approach to establishing or expanding an operations footprint while meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining high-quality standards.

Panthera’s GMP flex spaces are designed and qualified to control and maintain the required environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure and air quality, to ensure product integrity and safety.  The spaces will be equipped with the essential infrastructure, including HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, utilities and support facilities. Each suite will have access to a common corridor to accommodate entry/exit of large equipment.


  • Using a ready-to-use GMP flex space eliminates the need for companies to build or renovate their own facilities, which can be time-consuming and costly. Instead, they can quickly access an equipped and compliant space, allowing them to start operations promptly and avoid significant upfront investments. Allows the client to further protect their intellectual property without having to transfer it to another entity.

  • Flexibility is a key aspect of GMP flex space. It enables companies to scale their operations as needed, whether it’s increasing manufacturing capacity, expanding research capabilities, or accommodating changing production requirements. This adaptability helps businesses optimize their resources and respond to market demands effectively.

  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking among different pharmaceutical companies or research organizations occupying the various suites. Proximity to other industry players can foster knowledge sharing, partnerships, and innovation within the pharmaceutical sector.

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